Dynamite Baits Bagging Mix and Margin Mix XL

Wed 09 April 14


First Impressions

The XL range of groundbaits from Nottinghamshire based DYNAMITE BAITS has built a big following amongst anglers looking for quality baits that perform well in an angling environment and at an affordable price. After the success of the WHITE CHOCOLATE & COCONUT, MARINE HALIBUT & FRENZEID HEMP and the GREEN LIPPED MUSSEL FISHMEAL METHOD MIX that are already available in the XL 2KG range, DYNAMITE have released two new offerings for 2014.

First up is the XL COMPETITION BAGGING MIX, this is a light mix that containing sweet biscuit meal. This contains a low food content making it suitable for use all year and comes into its own on venues where fish back away from feed with high levels of large particle, that fish can become pre-occupied on, totally ignoring your hook baits. The second new option in the XL 2KG range is the MARGIN MIX. This high protein food source contains crushed pellets and fishmeals that produce a coarse textured mix, that once dampened down is ideal for cupping in loose or used as a carrier for particles such as dead maggots, casters, chopped worm, pellet, meat, corn etc.

First Impressions

Although specifically designed for the match angler all XL 2kg groundbaits are suitable for use by all coarse, specialist and specimen anglers. You can use them on there own, in a feeder or as a stick mix when targeting larger species on commercial and natural venues. As for the two new options they both look the part and have very aromatic flavours that will definitely catch as many fish as angler. Both of these new feed options are now available from all leading DYNAMITE BAITS stockist and you should expect to pay around £5.99 per 2kg bag of the XL COMPETITION BAGGING MIX and the MARGIN MIX.


Visit the Website: http://www.dynamitebaits.com/