Bait-Tech Pro-Natural Dark Grounbait

Tue 08 October 13


Exclusive First UK Independent Field Test

With the majority of bait manufacturers sustaining a constant flow of groundbaits specifically designed for commercial fishery situations when targeting carp and F1’s. The groundbaits required when targeting the humble, more traditional stock of fish like roach, rudd, perch, bream, tench, barbel, chub and skimmers seem to be getting more and more neglected, especially over the past five years or so. But with the increasing numbers of anglers heading back to more natural style of natural venues like rivers, canals and drains, the demand for new alternative groundbaits has greatly increased. Taking this on board, Suffolk based BAIT-TECH have launch a new groundbait for 2013 called PRO NATURAL DARK and UKMA have been offered the opportunity to do the first field test of these new products and we jumped at the chance.

Vital Statistics

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The PRO NATURAL GROUNDBAIT MIX DARK has been specifically designed for anglers who regularly target silver fish on natural venues. It has been manufactured utilising coconut, molasses and hemp, these tried and tested ingredients and particles work perfectly together to produce a sweet, aromatic groundbait, that once mixed up forms a groundbait that will still stick together well, making it perfect for balling in, yet break down quickly once on the bed of a river, drain, canal or lake to create an instant reaction. To mix the PRO NATURAL DARK GROUNDBAIT, simply pour the required amount of groundbait into a mixing bowl, then slowly add water, a little at a time and mix vigorously until all particles a wet and you produce the required consistency. Then leave for 10-15 minutes and riddle off to create a fluffy, lump free feed. Any larger particles left once the riddling process is completed, simply tip into the groundbait and mix in and you’re ready to go!

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The Test

The UKMA team opted to fish two lines and try both of the PRO NATURAL groundbait in different areas. We chose to use the PRO NATURAL DARK in 6 foot deep open water at 6m and next to rushes in near tap clear, 3 foot deep water at 8m to our left. I chose to fish the whip as there was no wind to talk about and the lake was near flat calm. I then selected my rigs for the session and I’d plumbed up tp dead depth, I put in four golf ball sized balls of DARK groundbait on each line, with no free offerings. I fished both lines, with single caster hookbaits, just to see what was over the baited spots. After only a few minutes, as soon as the caster hookbait reached the deck on whichever line I was fishing, my float was burying and a steady run of roach, perch and skimmers, anything from 2ozs up to 1lb 8oz ended up in my keepnet. By simply adding small ball of groundbait on each line before switching to the other and loose feeding half a dozen casters when the bites slowed down. The UKMA team were able to keep the fish coming regularly and ended up with over 100 fish in the net in less than 3 hours and on a day when the temperature never exceeded 6 degrees.

Final Thoughts

I’m a fond believer in the rule; “if I can catch on it anyone can” and the PRO NATURAL DARK GROUNDBAIT MIX produced the goods on a far from easy day. This dark, particle filled groundbait mixed up perfectly and once riddled formed perfect balls of feed that held together perfectly without being over sticky. This new for 2013 groundbait caught the UKMA team when other anglers around us were struggling for bites. All in all the PRO NATURAL DARK produced the goods as well as any other silverfish groundbaits the UKMA team have used on this silver fish packed venue over the years. On first impressions and after field testing this new groundbait, the UKMA team can tell you the angler, that the PRO NATURAL DARK GROUNDBAIT MIX perform excellently during the session and most importantly caught us plenty of fish.

Test catch shot

The PRO NATURAL DARK GROUNDBAIT will be hitting the shops very soon and you should expect to pay around £3.99 per 1.5kg bag, which is excellent value for money.


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