Bait-Tech Golden Brown Crumb

Thu 30 April 15


For those who have only been fishing since the dawn of commercial fisheries, you may have missed out on arguably one of the most productive groundbaits of all time bread crumb. Believe it or not, the majority of groundbaits currently on the market contain variable levels of this superb fish attracting particle. However, since the market place has been swamped with fishmeal based groundbaits, the humble crumb has been neglected by many companies until now!

Bait-Tech Golden Brown Crumb

Suffolk based bait-Tech have released for 2015 the Golden Brown Crumb. This very fine and absorbent crumb is ideal for use as a bulking additive to your standard groundbaits when high food content is not requied or on it’s own as a carrier of particles and live baits including pinky, squats, maggot and worms. When mixed correctly, it can be used in all depths of water to produce a bed of feed on the deck with your added particles clearly on display.

Final Thoughts

This new Golden Brown Crumb from Bait-Tech is a versatile groundbait that all species of all sizes respond to. Although now neglected by many anglers, it worked for many years and there is no reason why it shouldn’t have the same response on both commercial and natural venues alike. It is available in 1kg that sell for £2.29 and the 2kg option sells for £3.99 per bag and both options are in your local Bait-Tech stockists now!


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