Bait Tech Big Carp Method Mix Krill and Tuna

Sat 07 September 13


With autumn now upon us, the big fish in your local lakes and rivers will be pilling on the pounds ready for the winter month. One of the best ways of keeping them on the feed s to offer free offerings components that will assist in adding plenty of amino based ingredients and proteins to their diet whilst bulking up for the cold months ahead.

Big Carp Method Mix image

One of the latest offerings from Suffolk based BAIT-TECH that offers the aforementioned essential minerals in abundance are the BIG CARP METHOD MIX KRILL & TUNA. This flavour packed method mix is a rustic pink in colour and contains a very impressive amino acid profile that includes Alanine, Arginine, Glycine, Lysine, Methionine, Proline, Valine, Taurine, Isoluleucine and Leucine. All this together creates for the uneducated (me included) a fantastic array of feeding triggers specifically formulated to hold big fish in your feed area for longer. Very easy to mix the UKMA team found that 0.75 litres or roughly 1.3 pints of water creates the perfect mix.
Add to all the ingredients listed above the proven big fish catching reputaions of Krill and Tuna, and you have proven big fish groundbait that releases high levels of rich food particles and fatty acids that linger in your swim, holding fish for longer, thus potentially improving your catch rate. The BIG CARP METHOD MIX KRILL & TUNA from BAIT-TECH is ideally suited for all method and feeder work, as an addition to your spod or spomb mixes, stick & solid bag mixes and when balling in as a carpet feed.

The UKMA team found it very productive when targeting larger carp on commercial fisheries in the margins. We have also had great success when using it on the method feeder (surprisingly enough) and cage feeder for all larger species including bream, tench, chub, barbel and obviously carp on lakes and rivers. The BIG CARP METHOD MIX KRILL & TUNA is now available from all BAIT-TECH stockists for £5.99 per 2kg bag which is great value for money.


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