Ringers Spring Loaded Bait Punches 8 & 11mm

Wed 11 May 16


Virtually every match angler reading this will have at one time or another used a bait punch in their fishing. Weather it be for bread, meat or paste, these handy little gadgets make the forming of pellet shaped hookbaits a very simple task. One option in this category that has recently arrived at the UKMA office for us to have a look at are the new for 2016 Spring Loaded Bait Punches 8 & 11mm from Northamptonshire based Ringers.

Ringers Spring Loaded Bait Punches 8 & 11mm

Vital Statistics

These new bait punches are manufactured utilising strong plastics that are formed using injection moulding processes to produce strong components that will last. The internal spring fitted to each punch has been specifically chosen to produce the ideal amount of compression to enable the punched baits to be compressed if required, plus it makes the removal of punched baits a very simple one handed affair.

Ringers Spring Loaded Bait Punches 8 & 11mm options

Key Feature – Unlike conventional metal bait punches, the Ringers Spring Loaded Bait Punches actually float, which is a blessing if like us, you’re constantly dropping punches in the water.

There are two sizes and colour options per pack, these are 8mm (Fluro Pink) and a 11mm (Fluro Yellow) making size selection quick and very easy.

Final Thoughts

These UK manufactured Spring Loaded Bait Punches from Ringers offer great performance and function, whilst also being buoyant. You can punch up to three 8mm thick hookbaits at a time and then simply push the plunger down to release. As it is spring loaded, the punch instantly returns to the ‘ready to use’ position, ready to use again!In each pack you get 2 size and colour options,

Foot Note – The Spring Loaded Bait Punches 8 & 11mm are now available from all authorised Ringers stockists adn you should expect to pay around £6.99 for a pair of practical and easy to use bait punches that should last you for years.


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