Ringers Pop Up Bait Boxes

Wed 31 August 16


As well as being one of the leading brands in the commercial fishery market, Ringer Baits have now established themselves as an up and coming brand in the match fishing accessory department as well. Over the past couple of years, the Northamptonshire based company have released several useful tools including their very impressive pellet pump, that are now common place on most angler sidetrays. To keep this trend moving forward, they’re about to release a range of space saving Pop Up Bait Boxes that UKMA and UKMA have got hold of a few samples for you to have a look at.

Ringer s Pop Up Bait Boxes

Vital Statistics

These very clever Pop Up Bait Boxes have been manufactured from a rubber like, flexible material, which is very hard wearing and solid in structure. This material enables the product to fold down from 60mm in height when open, to 28mm in height when folded down. Each Pop Up Bait Box measures in at 135mm x 135mm and has a liquid capacity of 500ml (0.88 pints) making them ideal for baits like corn, casters and expander pellets, which most of us either prepare on the bank or transfer from a bag or tin for use.

First Impressions

Yet again, those clever lads at Ringers have looked outside of the box and come up with an accessory product that the majority of anglers will definitely get some good mileage from. With four of the Pop Up Bait Boxes take up less space than a 3 pint rigid bait box, meaning more space in your cool bag or carryall for those numerous essential items that you have to carry these days. The Pop Up Bait Boxes will be available in a choice Fluor Green, blue (pictured above) & red will be hitting your local Ringer Baits stockists later this week. For the size featured in this review, you should expect to pay £2.50 per bait box.

Foot Note – Largers sizes of the Pop Up Bait Boxes will be coming out very soon and the UKMA team will keep you up to date with the release.


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