Ringers Pellet Cones

Tue 01 March 16


Ringers have built a reputation over the years based on quality of their very impressive bait range. Over the past 18 months the Northamptonshire based company have headed in a slightly different direction, releasing a range of well thought out baiting tools and accessories, that are now common place on most match anglers side trays. The latest additions to Ringers Accessory range are the Pellet Cones, read on as the UKMA team take a first look.

Ringers Pellet Cones

Vital Statistics

Unlike the standard Pellet Cones supplied by most other leading manufacturers, these very clever pellet cones from Ringers feature a side slot, which enables you to re-bait your rig, without the need for the hooklength or rig to be unattached. All you have to do is load the cone with pellets, pull the hooklength into the side grove and centrally locate it. Give the pellets one last squeeze and pull the cone off before you pull the pellets down onto your hookbait, it’s that simple!

Important Information – Unlike the baiting tools and discorgers in the Ringers range, the Pellet Cones DO NOT float so be careful with them.

First Impressions

Based on first impressions, these new Pellet Cones take all the fuss out of fishing this method of fishing. As the Pellet Cone is a very productive method of catching fish during the colder months of the year, these simple to use Pellet Cones take all the effort of removing your rig and undoing attachments which as we all know, is a real pain whilst your fingers are near frozen.

Foot Note – In each pack of Ringers Pellet Cones you four per pack (two small & two large) in two colour options, fluro yellow & fluro pink. There are two size options in each pack, the small option measures in at 17mm internal diameter x 20mm n depth and the large measure in at 23mm internal diameter x 23mm in height. They’re now available from all authorised Ringer stockists and you should expect to pay £2.99 per pack.