Ringers Floating Tools - Tested

Wed 05 November 14


All anglers who regularly fish venues with platforms, have at one time or another lost biting tools to the mercy depths during matches, never to be seen again! This unfortunate practice can work out to be very expensive over a season and also cost you a potential match win if a baiting needle is lost and you don’t carry any spares.

Ringers Floating Tools

To eliminate this issue, Northamptonshire based Ringers have released the Ringers Floating Tools. These latest offerings feature a slightly oversized, easy to hold, bright fluorescent coloured handles. these colours were selected to make them stand out if dropped in the undergrowth and as the handles are also buoyant, meaning they will also float if dropped in the water.

Ringers Floating tools in the lake

There are four different needles available in the range that cover all the requirements of the commercial fishery and natural venue angler. These are a Bait Drill with a fluro green handle, a Quickstop Needle with a fluro orange handle, a fine baiting needle with a fluro yellow handle and finally a standard Baiting Needle with a fluro pink handle for instant recognition.

The Ringer Floating Tools up close

Field Tested

After using the Ringers Floating Tools for the past six months during all the UKMA teams field testing and match sessions, they have performed perfectly. Over this time all of them have gone for a swim at one time or another but were all successfully retrieved with a landing net in seconds. The business end of the tools are all strong , reliable and 100% fit for the job they’ve been designed for.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for a selection of baiting tools that cover all standard baiting requirements that will last for ages, without any fear of loosing them both bank side and in the water, then look no further. The team at Ringers have put a lot of thought into these well made baiting tools as they do with all their products and the UKMA team highly recommend you give them a try if you haven’t already. The Ringers Floating Tools sell for £2.99 each and are now available form all leading tackle suppliers.


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