Ringer Baits Ringers Riddle

Wed 21 February 18


I can’t think of any bait preparation product more important than a riddle. whether it be for draining pellets or riddling groundbait, a riddle is an essential part of bait preparation for us all. Over the years the standard metal messhed riddles with the three protruding ears to support the riddle on the bucket have served us all well but they are a bit of a pain to transport around, plus you can;t put your lid on your bucket if fitted to the bucket, something new was definitely needed, introducing the Ringer Riddle!

Ringer Baits Ringer Riddle

Vital Statistics

These new for 2018 riddles from Northamptonshire based Ringer Baits is designed to fit perfectly inside of any standard sized groundbait bucket, securely fitting to the buckets top rim, enabling you to lay the lid on top whilst in transit. They have a 390mm diameter (from outer edge to outer edge) or 345mm internal, with an internal depth of 70mm (aproximately).

They feature a stainless steel mesh, with 3mm square mesh, making this riddle a versatile bait riddle and strainer. This is securely held in place by eight Philips Head screw, which are screwed into a pre-formed housing on the underside, which makes this riddle exceptionally strong. To give the riddle it’s own identity, the Ringers logo is printed on the outer edge for all of you who love to show off your brands (Tackle Tarts).

Final Thoughts

If you are on the lookout for a good quality riddle, that offers both practicality and performance, then you’d do a lot worse than giving one of these latest offerings from the ever growing Ringer port folio a try.

Foot Note – The Ringers Riddle is available in three colour options, black, red and Lime Green and you should expect to pay £19.99 for one of these very well designed riddles.


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