MAP Large EVA Bait System Set

Wed 08 July 15


Keeping your bait in pristine condition during a match can be a really pain in the neck. in situations where the weather is constantly changing, you need a storage system that is versatile and practical. On very clever bait storage system that has arrived for the UKMA team to have a proper look at is the Large EVA Bait System Set from MAP (Match Angling Products), read on as we take a close look at this handy system.

MAP Large EVA Bait System Set

Vital Statistics

This versatile five component bait set has been designed to fit directly on your side tray, and protect your bait from the elements should you need to during a match. The main compartment measure in at 380mm wide x 320 deep x 80mm in height.

Carry handle on the clear lid

It features a clear lid with a webbed carry handle attached on the lid for ease of transportation. The four internal containers are accessible via a two way zip, that enables you to totally open the lid and fold it out of the way whilst fishing.

Two way fully zipped access

Included in the main compartment are four other bait storage containers. The larger of these measure in at 345mm long x 148mm deep x 85mm in height and can comfortably hold 2kg of feed pellet or groundbait. The three other containers measure in at 150mm wide x 110mm deep x 80mm in height and these are ideal for storing maggots, corn, meat, expander pellets etc, pretty much any hookbait can be stored up to 2 pints maximum capacity per small container.

Final Thoughts

The UKMA team don’t normally get excited about bait storage but on this occasion, the Large EVA Bait System Set had us arguing over who was going to review it. As it is made from EVA, no matter how filthy it gets whilst in use, all you need is a damp cloth and it will wipe clean in seconds. As the main container house the other four small containers, this makes transportation of your bait very simple, you simply carry it like a bucket or in your carry-all. The real bonus of this system is it’s ability to totally protect your bait from rain and other bait damaging conditions by simply re-zipping the lid back into position (no more bait brollies).

Foot Note – The MAP Large EVA Bait System Set is now available from all leading MAP stockists and it will cost you £34.99


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