Korum Bait Punch set

Wed 11 June 14


Bait punches aren’t a new invention, they have been a part of fishing for many years now, with the most commonly used options being used by match anglers who regularly fish bread punch. In its various forms, the humble bait punch has seen numerous developments and improvements over the years adapting its usage potentials and opening new ways of presenting traditional baits especially meat in its various forms.

Over the past decade, there has been one set of bait punches in both my match box and specialist tackle baiting tools, that has passed the test of time and performed admirably to this day, these are the KORUM BAIT PUNCHES.

Korum Bait Punch set

Vital Statistics

The KORUM BAIT PUNCHES are designed to punch out hookbait sized pellets of numerous baits including luncheon meat, paste, bread and even boillies. Each punch features a very comfortable to hold, 65mm long plastic handle that makes the use of the BAIT PUNCHES even in the coldest weather a very easy and comfortable task. Below the handle you have the cylindrical cutting tool which has been manufactured from stainless steel and measures in at 50mm in length. In each set you get four sized punch options; 5mm, 7mm, 9mm and 11mm. On the end of each punch you have a sharpened cutter edge, which will slice through pretty much any semi soft bait with total easy. As you push down, this forces the punched bait out through the side opening and holds your punched bait in a position ready for the hook or hair.

Korum Bait Punch set Strip

Test of Time

As all round anglers, the UKMA team try to buy equipment and accessories that can multi task and be used in the majority of our angling and over the years, the KORUM BAIT PUNCH SET has ticked all these boxes and more.

After having two sets for over a decade, they pass the test of time with flying colours and have never shown any serious wear or tare (in fact they still look like the day we brought then after a clean in the dish washer). There all round versatility has added a new dimension to our bait preparation, making it possible to use informal sized punches of bait every cast.

Over the years, the UKMA team have used them for punching out all meats including Luncheon meat, peperami, poloni and steak, as well as stiff pastes, bread and to give your boillies a different look, you can trim them down to reduce the size and change the shape, to fool cautious feeding specimens.

The BAIT PUNCH SET from KORUM are a great all round set of bait preparation tools that all match, carp and specialist anglers should have in their tackle box and at only £4.99 a set they really are good value for money baiting accessories that will last you for many years.