Guru Punch Box

Tue 29 December 15


Bait punches and punch boxes have been around for for years. Originally designed with the bread punch anglers in mind, these handy gadgets have now evolved to offer the modern day match angler a means of preparing hookbaits quickly whilst out on the bank, whilst using numerous different baits. The question I here you all ask is “ so how can you improve on the originals?” well the simple answer is; by having a look at the Punch Box latest offering from Essex based Guru.

Guru Punch Box

Vital Statistics

The Punch Box is an integrated bait punch and storage system that measures in at 220mm long x 160mm wide x 40mm in depth. It features a sliding tinted plastic lid, that slides off to reveal the four Push Punches in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm sizes supplied as standard. Guru have put a serious amount of thought into their Push Punches, they’ve been custom designed incorporating a plunger system to release bait by simply pushing down on the plunger. This has been made possible by giving the cutting edge a razor sharp finish, that produces a perfectly clean cut every time, even on soft baits like bread, meat or paste.

Razor sharp cutting edges produce perfect punched baits everytime

The Push punches are stored in and held in place in an orange, injection moulded case, which is built into the base of the box and features locking retainers to keep the punches securely in place whilst in transit. The remainder of the base unit is the cutting board or bait storage area. This measure in at 14mm x 140mm and offers enough storage space for a thick slice of bread in a zip lock bag, alternatively you can store 3 slices of luncheon meat, poloni, potato or cheese. Pretty much any bait that you punch can be kept dry and fresh ready for use, once the lid is slid into position and closed securely.

Punched bread discs loaded onto the rig

Final Thoughts

After carrying around our punches in a tin for years and an additional punch box or bit of board, the UKMA team see the Punch Box as yet another innovative product to add to the Guru Design teams impressive CV. As per usual, they’ve looked at the downfall of previously released products and rectified them all in one tidy package.

The Push Punches are razor sharp and suitable for use on all baits, the tinted lid protects your bait from potential direct sunlight and UV damage, whilst at the same time keeping the bait in pristine condition until use. Oh and before we forget, on the underside of the box, you have two long rubber feet, which prevent the Punch Box sliding around whilst your preparing and punching your bait.

Foot Note – The Guru Punch Box is now available from all authorised Guru stockists and will cost you £18.99, which in the opinion of the UKMA team is exceptional value for money.


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