Guru Pole Pots

Fri 28 October 16


Over the past 20 years, the now common place pole pots have come a very long way. From using the plastic eggs from a leading brand of kids sweets, we now have a vast array of options now available to cover everything from feeding minute amounts of small baits in winter, right through to feeding pellet and paste when bagging. Not being a brand that ignores a product that could use a tweak to make it perform better, those very clever lads a Essex based Guru have spent the past year or so researching and developing a new range of pole pots that have all the usual features you’d expect to find o a pole pot but they have added a few new features that really make a difference. Read on as we take a first look at the new for 2016 Guru Pole Pots.

Guru Pole Pots

Vital Statistics

Guru have finally released their own twist on the humble pole pot. This new for 2016 range of pole pots consists of three size options and these are small, medium & large. They’ve been manufactured from a super-light, two-tone plastic, which is designed to serve two purposes. Firstly, this material makes these pole pots incredibly lightweight which makes them easy to ship in and out. Secondly. as the materials colour is virtually clear and non-reflective, they won’t spook fish when fishing in shallow, clear water conditions.


Guru Small Pole Pots


The small Guru Pole Pots have special sprinkle lids for quick-and-easy loading. The removable clip lock lid of the small pots features specially configured holes, which allow easy baiting with pellets and other soft baits. Simply slide the lid open adn place your bait inside. Once fully loaded, simply click the lid back into the closed position and your ready to go. If you remove the sprinkle lid, the built on main lid enables you to feed larger baits like maggots, casters etc with ease.

The medium and large options come supplied as standard with two lid choices per pack of two. These enable you to change your feeding options in a matter of seconds, offering the option of using the narrow opening lip when fishing with baits like maggots and meat. The second lid features a much wider lip, which is the perfect option when drip-feeding pellets, enabling you to feed a few times whilst waiting for a bit, rather than shipping in and out, reducing wasting time out of the water, when your rigs should be over your baited spots.


Guru Small Pole Pots


Key Feature

On the base of the pole pots you have two fitting slots that are designed to enable all sizes of pots to fit a all tops kits including match power and margin kits. Once they’re attached to your valuable top kits, you have peace of mind that the X-Soft material will not cause any damage, even in the largest of diameters.

First Impressions

This new for 2016 range of pole pots offers a versatile option suitable for all pole feeding situations. Everything from minute amounts of micro pellets, hemp, maggot, caster and pinkies, right through to large pellets and cubes of meat when bagging, can be fed with precision every time with zero spillage whilst shipping out. Not forgetting that all sizes lock securely in place, on any top kit without causing any damage to the pole whatsoever.

Foot Note – The new Pole Pots are sold in packs of two in all three sizes and are now available from all authorised Guru stockist and you should expect to pay £4.99 per pack.


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