Guru Micro Hair Stops

Fri 27 February 15


Hair Stops are an integral part of modern feeder and lead tactics. since the early days of using hair rigs in match fishing, these handy little bits of plastic are now common place in the majority of both commercial fishery and big river anglers tackle boxes.

Guru Micro Hair Stops

One of the numerous options currently available to the match angler that the UKMA team have had great success using over the past year or so are the Micro Hair Stops from Essex based Guru. In each pack you get in total of 360 hairs stops, with three colour options to choose from. You get 120 red, for use with meat, red boilies & corn etc, 120 yellow for natural corn, boilies etc and finally brown, ideal for all pellet and worm presentations.

Guru Micro Hair Stops Close up

Final Thoughts

For just £1.99 you get enough Micro Hair Stops to last for ages, that offer you the angler the option of colour coordinating you hair stop to your bait. The Guru Micro Hair Stops are very simple to fit into hair and have now claimed a permanent place in the UKMA team members baiting accessory box.


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