Guru Bait Strainers

Fri 24 February 17


Over the past few years, Essex based Guru have built a huge reputation for being one of the leaders in the pack, when it comes to terminal tackle and accessory innovation. One of the latest products about to hit the shops in early March 2017 are the Bait Strainer

Guru Bait Strainers

Vital Statistics

As all experienced anglers know, its the simplest of things that make the biggest difference and these simple but very clever Bait Strainers definitely do that. You have two size options in the range that are designed to fit perfectly into the Guru three-pint and one-pint bait boxes. Both sizes of these handy Strainer feature slots that are small enough not to allow any pellets through, whilst offering instant drainage once removed from the bait box.

Final Thoughts

These very well thought out Bait Strainer make the soaking, colouring, flavouring of pellets, meat. corn and pretty much any other bait that needs water or fluids in the preparation process a very simple and mess free task. They store perfectly inside the Guru Bait boxes, as well as the Fusion 300 Bait Pro, making them very simple to transport around.

Foot Note – The Guru Bait Strainers will be hitting all authorised Guru stockist in early March 2017, and you’ll have to pay £2.00 for the 1 pint option and £2.50 for the 3 pint option.


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