Garbolino Pellet Cone Bait Press

Sun 24 February 13


Never let it be said that match anglers are not at least ingenious when it comes to designing gadgets that can make you life that much simpler whilst out on the bank. One of the pack leading companies constantly on the look out for these time saving gadgets over the past few years has been Garbolino. Under the guidance of Midland Match maestro Darren Cox, this forward thinking brand have moved well up the pecking order and since the phenomenal success of the Speed Mould which was originally designed by Neil Machin and revolutionised method feeder fishing overnight, they haven’t looked back

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Their latest offering from the ‘gadget’ department is the Pellet Cone/Bait Press. Originally designed by top commercial angler Paul Carnwell, this very clever little tool is designed to make life much easier especially in the cold depths of winter when the Pellet Cone approach well and truly comes into its own. To produce the perfect pellet cone simply follow these instructions:

Step 1 – Remove the base cap taking care with the needle inside the cap.
Step 2 – Pull plunger back and fill the chamber with the required amount of pellets (you can vary the size of pellet cylinder made by amount of pellets in chamber).
Step 3 – Replace the cap and press the plunger down whilst holding base cap in position.
Step 4 – When the plunger stops, then release grip on base cap so it pops out of position.
Carefully pull loaded base cap out of chamber and it’s ready to thread it onto your rig.

Pellet Cone Bait Press strip

TOP TIP – When casting shorter distances (say 30yds), the Pellet Cone/ Bait Press can also be used to form cylinders of ground bait or liquidized bread which can be then thrown, fed via a pot or even used as an alternative to balling in when small compact quantities of feed are required.

Final Thoughts

Yet again Garbolino have come up trumps and released a feed management product that is functional, time saving and in the opinion of the UKMA team a huge asset to any serious match or coarse angler’s tool kit. You can even buy spare in a kit that has 2 spare bungs and a replacement baiting needle, so even the occasional bank side breakage can be sorted quickly.

For Just £5.99 you get a time saving baiting tool that can if so required serve many purposes but when used as a Pellet Cone/Bait Press it simply makes the conventional plastic cone previously used a thing of the past, well in the trays of my seat-box anyway! The spares kit sells for £3.99 and both are available from all leading Garbolino stockists.


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