Frenzee Bait Punch Set

Tue 14 October 14


First Impressions

Welsh based Frenzee have come on leaps and bounds over the past few years. From their humble beginnings producing pole cups, they now offer a comprehensive range of rods, reels, poles luggage, nets and accessories specifically designed for the match angler. After a very successful 2014, they have now released several new accessories to boost their impressive range of products. Read on as the UKMA team take a first look at their new for 2014/15 Bait Punch Set.

Bait Punch Set

Vital Statistics

The Frenzee Bait-Punch set comprises of 4 size options that can be used to produce a magnitude of punched bait presentations.Each set comprises of four different size options; 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm. These very simple to use Bait Punches work on a syringe style system. Simply pull the insert out of the retaining outer tube, then push the punch into you chosen bait, then place the loaded punch open end down on a hard surface or the palm of your hands and push the insert down onto the bait to create a solid punch that can go straight on the hook or hair. To create a solid bred punch or disc, simply push the punch into the bread and push down onto a hard surface and push the disc out using the insert, simples!!

Punched Micro Pellets

First Impressions

Frenzee have released a well designed and very functional set of Bait Punches, that the match angling fraternities will find very useful. They’re simple to use and ideal for producing perfect bread punches for silver silvers during cold weather in the smaller sizes.The two larger sizes are perfect for punching out meat and stiff paste pellets, as well as large bread discs for use on commercial fisheries and rivers when targeting bigger species like carp, bream, tench and chub. For £5.99 you get a set of Well made bait punches that offer the user great all round versatility and numerous bait presentation options.


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