Drennan Pellet Band Stretcher

Wed 25 March 15


Drennan Pellet Band Stretcher

Pellet bands are a must have rig component in modern commercial fishery tactics, particularly when fishing the waggler, feeder and pole shallow. As all match anglers know, these versatile rig attachments can be at time, the most awkward thing to load bait into. To assist many companies now supply banding tools which make the job a mush simpler job. Read on as the UKMA team take a first look at the Drennan Pellet Band Stretcher.

Vital Statistics

This latest gadget features four metallic prongs that are controlled by a syringe style, spring-loaded plunger mechanism. Simply place your pellet band over the four prongs, press the spring loaded plunger and the prongs then open the band wide enough, so you can easily insert your bait. By releasing the plunger, the band will then securely grip the hook bait.

Final Thoughts

This simple to use Pellet Band Stretcher from Drennan, is well designed and fully functional. the UKMa team had a play with it and could load dumbells and pellets up to 18mm in size with total ease. For just £4.99 you get a 100% fit for the purpose pellet stretcher, that will serve you well.


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/