Drennan 25ltr Bucket System

Wed 08 July 15


The transportation and preparation of large volumes of pellets, groundbaits and particles bankside needs a bait management system that is both practical and efficient. to prepare feed correctly, especially groundbaits you require good sized mixing bowl, riddle and bucket to store the freshly prepared feeds in. To assist in this category, Oxfordshire based Drennan have released the 25ltr Bucket System for 2015.

Drennan 25ltr Bucket System

Vital Statistics

The Drennan 25L Bucket System consists of four separate components. You get he main 25-litre bucket which is made from an aqua blue rugged, heavy duty polymer with white graphics. The bucket also features a stainless steel carry handle, with an aqua blue comfortable hand grip . To enable you to get the right amount of water for your mix, you have useful internal measuring lines.

Aqua blue hand grip on the stainless steel handle

The second component is the smaller aqua blue bowl, this has an approximate 5-litre capacity and sits neatly inside the main bucket, on the internal rim. The third component in the Bucket System is the riddle. This steel riddle is very sturdy and has a black powder coating, to protect the metal mesh from rusting. The mesh on the riddles specifically selected by the Drennan design team, as the mesh has proven to be the ideal mesh for both ground­bait and maggots.

Drennan 25ltr Bucket System

Now you’ve prepared you groundbait ready for use, sods law states that it will rain, potentially over wetting your groundbait. To prevent this, the Bucket Set is finishing off with a practical waterproof nylon and neoprene black, with aqua blue trim and white Drennan graphics bucket cover that features a two way zip for ease of access. The Bucket cover can be easily clipped on or off, by simply undoing the two clip locks on either side. The final feature is The Neoprene sides, this creates a snug fit, ensuring the cover stays on even in the most horrendous conditions.

Very Important – The Bucket Cover should always be fitted with the clip lock fittings located around the handle attachments (as above).

Final Thoughts

For all you legions of all things Drennan, the 25ltr Bucket System will definitely catch your eye. All four of the components is ideally suited and made to last, so you’ll get some serious mileage out of this well thought out system. You can pick one of these bat preparation and transportation 25ltr Bucket Systems from all leading Drennan stockists and the system will cost you £29,95 which is superb value for money.


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/