Band-It Pellet Bander Mk2 Hair Rig Kit

Mon 10 June 13


Banding hard pellets has always been one of my least favoured methods of catching fish up in the water, simply because with fingers like mine, it’s a bit like trying to pick your nose wearing a boxing glove, not the easiest task. Then around 3 years ago the Pellet Bander Mk1 was released and became the saving grace of many an anglers bankside nightmares.

Band-It - Pellet Bander MKII Hair Rig Kit

These handy little gadgets enable you to band any pellet from 4mm up to 12mm in a matter of seconds, no more broken bands, no more cussing and swearing at the pellets. These simple to use and very useful tools are now common place on the match and club angling circuits but not many specimen anglers have taken advantage of the Bandits Mk2 practicality and simplicity to use.

Band It - Pellet Bander MKII Hair rig kit loaded with an 8mm pellet

The Mk2 now features a new moulded ergonomic body and plunger for a more comfortable grip and all round performance. The Mk2 also features a new grooved, stainless guide pin to open and close the prongs in perfect alignment.

To make using the Pellet Bander Mk2 even less challenging for us mere mortals, Band-It have now put together a very handy kit that contains everything you will need to get started using one. The package contains 1x Bait Banding Tool Mk2, 1 x Bait drill, 1 x baiting needle and 1 box of latex Pellet Bands.

Perfectly Banded pellets every time!

The complete package will cost you £7.99 but UKMA highly recommend you shop around on-line for some great deals to be found on this handy tool that the we believe should be in every anglers baiting tool arsenal.