Bait-Tech Groundbait Bucket 17 Litre

Sun 11 February 18


A good quality groundbait bucket is one of those essential items that all match angler need as part of their bait preparation arsenal. With many brands now producing their own branded buckets, there are numerous options now available to choose from. One of the latest options to hit the shops is from Suffolk based Bait-Tech in the shape of the new for 2018 Bait-Tech Groundbait Bucket 17 litre.

Bait-Tech Groundbait Bucket 17litre

Vital Statistics

This 17 Litre bucket from Bait-Tech features a flurou pink, lock tight lid with a twin finger grip to enable the lid to be removed easily. The main body of the bucket is satin black in colour, with the Bait-Tech logo clearly printed for instant brand recognition. as we ll as offering more than ample space inside to mix up bulk quantities of groundbait, this very strong bucket also comes in hand when you have to take large quantities of bait to prepare on the bank. To transport the bucket around, it features a steel framed handle with a rotating hand grip which is very comfortable to carry, even when fully loaded.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a new bucket this year, then the new for 2018 Bait-Tech Groundbait Bucket 17 Litre is worth having a good look at and at only £7.99 full RRP it wont break the bank either.


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