Bagem Matchbaits 17ltr Groundbait Bucket

Tue 14 July 15


Great news for all you matchmen who are followers of the Bag’em Matchbaits range of products. The Northamptonshire based company have now released their very own 17ltr Groundbait Bucket.

Bag'em Matchbaits 17ltr Groundbait Bucket

This amply sized, robust bucket is black in colour, with the bag’em Mathcbaits logo on the sides. It laso features a stainless steel handle frame , with a moulded comfortable hand grip for ease of carriage. The Bag’em Matchbaits 17ltr Bucket is finished off with a securely fitting bright yellow lid, that will definitely get you noticed on the bank. You can pick one of these up for £8.99 plus postage by clicking on the Bag’em link banner to the right of this page.


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