WE Products Universal Pro-Bung Duo

Tue 29 December 15


First Look

Pole bungs have been around for many years now and are part and parcel of modern day pole angling. Over the years they’ve developed from the original screw tension style , that compressed a gel filled capsule to increase tension on the internal wall of the pole, to solid bungs with machined soft plastic grooves that grip the internal to keep it in place. The only issue with these types of pole bungs is, you needed several size options to cover all eventualities.

What was needed was a pole bung that can fit securely into multiple sections or two sizes to cover all of your needs, introducing the Universal Pro-Bung Duo from father and daughter run WE Products. Read on as the UKMA take a first look at these revolutionary pole bungs.

WE Products Universal Pro-Bung Duo

Vital Statistics

Universal Pro-Bung Duo is a 2 bung system that have been manufactured using 3D printers. These state of the art machines precisely machine the the core material to precise specifications and offer far greater versatility than conventional injection moulding processes. Both of the bungs feature two spring loaded black bars, with a soft rubber insert. The top face of the bar has a curved top face to ensure that the rubber securely grips the internal wall of the pole section, without any risk of any damage to the section wall.

Spring loaded bar with rubber insert for total section protection.

In each Universal Pro-Bung Duo set you get two size options. The smaller option measures in at 185mm in length and will fit perfectly into all sections with internal measurements from 35mm up to 45mm. The large bung measures in at 90mm in total lengths and this size option will fit into all sections from 44mm up to 53mm internal dimensions.

Large Pro-bung inserted into a No.9 section

How to fit

1 – Simply squeeze the buttons on either side of the bung.
2 – insert into the end of the pole section required. Release the buttons and your bung is secure and ready to protect from accidental damage.

Key Feature

AS well as protection the end of your sections from being chipped or cracked, these superb bungs also stops your pole from sinking when you drop them in as they’re 100% buoyant.

WE Products Universal Pro-Bung Duo Pat Pending

First Impressions

After having a play around and doing loads of research on pole bung developments, Lancashire based WE Products have pretty much rewritten the book on pole bung design and the technology used in manufacturing. They’ve taken a basic piece of equipment we all use and made a set of bungs that are totally universal with all leading brands of poles, including Daiwa, Maver, Matrix, Preston Innovations, MAP and Tri-Cast.

Based on first impressions these are arguably the best thought out pole bungs the UKMA team have seen over the years. With the inclusion of spring loaded tensioning bars, they can be used on all sections from No. 5 upwards and will fit also fit your margin pole as well. They sell for £20.00 per set of two and are available from the WE Products website in the choice of the following colours; Red (featured) Black, pink, green, blue, purple and orange.

Foot Note – Over the coming months the UKMA team will be field testing these bungs t see how well they perform over time, so watch this space for our findings.


Visit the Website: http://www.we-products.co.uk/


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