Stonfo 0.7ltr Four Compartment Bait Box

Sun 11 May 14


As match anglers, we all like to carry a varied selection of hookbait alternatives to cover all eventualities. The only problem with this is a large amount of space is taken up in our carryalls with bait boxes and tubs of variable sizes, all full of hookbaits, in particular small plastic tubs that are renowned for breaking whilst in transit, meaning all your baits like flavoured hook pellets, boilies etc get mixed up and potentially ruined.

Taking this problem on board, the UKMA team spent some time doing a bit of research into resolving this problem and after a few hours searching on-line we came up trumps with an ideal solution.

Italian based STONFO have a 0.7lt FOUR COMPARMENT BAIT BOX that is ideal for storing 4 different flavoured or coloured hookbaits in, keeping them separated and fully protected from damage at all time. You can get a full pot of match boilies, a 250ml pot of soft hookers or small tin of sweetcorn in each of the four compartments.

They are supplied with a secure fitting perforated lid, making them ideal for small quantities of maggots, pinkies, and squats on those days where minimal amounts of bait are required.

These handy bait box options are available from all leading STONFO stockists and they sell for £2.49 each


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