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Wed 03 December 14


With winter well and truly upon us and with temperatures not getting much above freezing for the foreseeable future and with the winters we are currently experiencing being some of the worst on record, the clothing and footwear in particular that you use this time of year should be specifically designed and able to cope with these extremes of climate. Selecting appropriate apparel for this time of year will not only make your stay on the bank far more comfortable but it could potentially help save your life. Especially if you are one of those die-hard anglers who believe that no matter what the weather, there are still fish that need to be caught.

One company that has built its reputation on superb thermal footwear designed for the angler and all other aspects of outdoor activity is Skee-Tex. The Essex based company have for many years produced boots for the angler and have become as well established as a leading brand in angling footwear as say Daiwa Sports or Nash Tackle have with their tackle and accessories.

So we visited the Tackle and Gun show and had a chat with company MD Roy Hart who generously obliged by letting UKMA review the very impressive Skee-Tex Field Boot. Read on to find out what makes the Field Boot one of the best boots currently available.

Vital Statistics

The Field boot has a 100% waterproof rubber base with a 98% waterproof suede upper. The tongue of the boot has a machined in oxford nylon fleece lined twin skin material, that is attached between the tongue and outer on both sides and form the waterproof seal. The removable and incredibly warm liner is made with English Wool with wicking fibres that keep the feet free from perspiration. The boots lace up fastening system incorporates larger than usual metal eyelets that make the lacing up process that much easier on those days when your fingers feel broken. The sole of the boot is a multi-layer affair; Aluminium is sandwiched between these layers to reflect the heat back as well as reflecting the cold out.

Final Thoughts

Over the years I have used numerous brands of protective thermal footwear and one of the warmest and most comfortable I have personally warn is the Skee-Tex Field Boot. I first brought a pair back in 2004 and they soon became an essential part of my winter clothing. I found that whilst fishing on commercial fisheries and on the banks of the Fenland Drains where the elements hit you hard, these boots were second to none at keeping your feet warm and dry. I have also found them ideal for those situations when you need to get in and out of your bivvy during the night in a hurry, as the boots inner can be left on, a great way of keeping your feet warm when you’re in the sleeping bag. They’re now available from all leading Skee-Tex stockists for £74.99 a pair and well worth every penny.


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