Ringers Floating Disgorgers

Tue 18 August 15


The humble disgorger has been a part of course fishing for many many years. These handy gadget enable the angler to remove hooks that have been embedded inside a fishes mouth, that can’t be removed with your fingers. One big issue with standard plastic or metal disgorger’s is, f you drop them in the water you’ve seen the end of them as they sink like stones, Until know! Introducing the Ringers Floating Disgorgers.

Ringers Floating Disgorgers

Vital Statistics

These latest disgorger offerings from Northamptonshire based Ringers offer you the angler arguably one of the most user friendly disgorger’s the UKMA team have ever used. They feature a thicker and larger handle than on standard discorgers, with moulded thumb and finger grip. This makes the these disgorgers comfortable in your hand, making them much easy to use. The slightly larger than standard slots, make hook locating mush easier and faster, which will save you valuable time in a match fishing situation.

Larger heads and slots for ease of hook location

Key Feature – These Disgorgers float when dropped in the water and are bright fluorescent in colour making them hard to loose, even in long bank side vegetation.

Final Thoughts

The Floating Digorgers from Ringers take a basic piece of equipment that we all use and they’ve transformed it into a product that is far better suited to the job it has been designed for than any other options the UKMA team have used or tested over the years. They are available in two sizes, the small option are ideally suited for use with hooks from 16 to 22 and the large option for hook sizes from 8 to 14. They’re available in four colours, these are fluorescent red, yellow, green and purple and you should expect to pay no more than 99p each.


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