Real Ideas Twister Pole Rig Hook Ups

Wed 12 November 14


Over the years, the UKMA team have tried numerous different methods of keeping our pole rigs secure and safe from damage whilst being attached to top kits, ready for use. Like most of your reading this we’ve used rubber bands, pulling the elastic out and putting the hook over the end of the pole etc to keep everything tidy. Although these methods do work, rubber bands have an uncanny habit of breaking making them useless and by tensioning your elastics and placing the hook in the end of the top kit section, this has lead to elastics drying out in hot weather and hooks becoming blunt because the point is being pushed against the internal wall of the section.

Twister Pole rig hook ups

Vital Statistics

The ‘Twister’ pole rig Hook Ups are made from a non-perishable, durable nylon polymer and are extremely versatile. These handy little gadgets not only keep your pole rigs tidy they also prevent potential damage to your hook point and eliminate exposed elastic being damaged whilst expoed in bright sunlight, even when using the shortest of rigs. The Twisters Pole Rig Hook ups are also excellent for hanging baited paste rigs over and also come in really handy when shipping out a loaded bait-dropper or pole feeder.

Twister attached to a top kit

There are seven different colour coded sizes to accommodate the shallowest of pole rigs, right through to the longest of deep water rigs you are likely to use. The different colours come in really handy, enabling you to instantly recognize which size option to use for the different length of rigs you are using during any session. Very simply to attach, all you have to do is push the required Twister over your top kit, take the two loops at the top and twist them over each other to secure them in place. If they are slightly loose, simply push down the pole until they are securely in place, job done!

Twister with hook attached

Final Thoughts

Nick Palmer at Real Ideas has come up trumps with these well made rig hook up solutions. The Twister Pole Rig Hook Ups are sold in packs of seven different colours and sizes to cover all your needs from shallow rigs for commercial fishery use, right up to top four deep river rigs. Enabling you to store them securely, without potentially damaging your elastics and most importantly, your hook point. The Twister Pole Rig Hook Ups sell for £2.50 per pack of seven and are available direct by visiting the Real Ideas website.

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