MAP Medium Flexi Pole Pots

Sun 28 June 15


Field Tested

Over the past 5 years, there has been some major developments in the now common place feeding attachments or as they are more commonly known pole pots. From the humble days of nicking your kids Kinder Egg cases, then either drilling a hole or attaching pole elastic to secure them to your top kits, now numerous manufacturers have taking these simple feeding attachments and taken them to an entirely new level. One of the latest pole pot options to arrive at the UKMA HQ are the Medium Flexi Pole Pots from Milton Keynes based MAP, read on as we take them out on the bank and put them through there pace in a match angling environment.

MAP Flexi Medium Pole Pots

Vital Statistics

These latest pole pot offerings from MAP are manufactured from a durable soft rubber that securely grips the the pole section without causing any damage. The central design allows balanced weight distribution, enabling you to ship out at speed without affecting the poles balance as they weigh virtually nothing, even when loaded with pellets, corn or particles like hemp. In each pack you get two pots with two interchangeable lids per pot. You have a pepper pot style lid for feeding maggots, pinky and micro pellet at long range ensuring all the bait arrives at the chosen destination but this top is not suited to feeding 4mm pellet. For all larger particles including 4mm pellets and above, corn, expanders etc, then the open top option is the the top to use.

Two different lid options

Final Thoughts

These pole pots from the design team at MAP off the user versatility and performance that is on a par with the best pole pots the UKMA team have seen to date, and in some cases even better. The one thing we really like about them is that you can remove the pots from your top kit without having to remove you rig, which is very handy, when time spent out of the water is critical.

Another key point that we found when testing the Medium Flexi Pole Pots was that even when putting the pole under pressure playing fish away from snags, they stayed in position on the pole and most importantly, the lids stay on from MAP fit all top kits with a diameters from 4.8mm up to 7.4mm and they’re available from all MAP stockist.

Foot Note – Available in 3 sizes, small medium (as above) and large and all sizes sell for £3.99 per pack of two.



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