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Tue 21 October 14


Essex based Guru have really established themselves in the match fishing world as an innovative tackle company that produce products that are 100% fit for the purpose they’ve been designed to do. So it comes as no surprise that their latest offering the Speed Beads have already got tongues wagging. The UKMA team recently headed out to a local mixed fishery to put the new for 2014 Speed Beads through their paces, read on to find out how they performed whilst being used in an angling environment.

Guru Speed Beads

Vital Statistics

The Speed Beads are a two component hooklength and reel line attachment system that has been designed to allow you to quickly change your hook lengths when fishing an in line set up. This has been made possible by the inclusion of a swivel that features a rotating eye at one end for you to attach your reel line to and a semi closed crook at the opposite end to attach your hooklength to. Both ends of the swivel rotate perfectly to prevent tangles and line twist when retrieving baited up rigs at speed.

Guru Speed Bead set up in detail

The second component of the Speed Breads is the protective bead. This soft but robust camo brown bead serves two very important tasks. Firstly it acts as a safe buffer to keep your in-line leads and feeders away from the reel line connection knot, eliminating abrasive buffering. The beads second task is to ensure that your hooklengths stay securely attached to the crook end of the swivel. When pushed over the barrel of the swivel to fully cover the crook, this produces a very tidy connection system.

Final Thoughts

The UKMA team have used the new for 2014 Speed Beads from Guru to great success. They eliminate tangles, line twist and totally protect your reel line knot when using in-line leads and feeders. The key feature in our opinion is the simplicity of changing hooklenghts, simply slide the bead back towards your rod tip, pull the hooklengths connction loop from the crook, then simply add your new hooklength and pull the bead back over the swivels barrel and crook to keep it securely in place. At £2.49 for a pack of 6, the Guru Speed Beads are a must have, no nonsense lead and feeder accessory that will definitely make your winter feeder and lead fishing a much simpler task.



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