Guru Rod Bands

Thu 16 October 14


With the majority of match anglers now carrying anything up to a grands worth of made up rods with them when competing regularly. The most important thing is ensuring that they are well protected whilst in transit. To protect your rods numerous manufacturers offer good quality, sturdy holdall but many of us still use rubber bands to hold our rod sections together inside the holdall. Yes they serve a purpose but they offer no assurances of the rod making it to the bank in tact as they do have a habit of snapping.

Guru Rod Bands

To offer your rods good all round protection whilst in transit, Essex based Guru have released the new Rod Bands for 2014. These soft hot orange and black neoprene rod bands have been designed to safely and securely hold feeder and float rods together. You get two in each pack, the larger rod band measures 80mm wide x 150mm in length and is for use on the butt section. the second rod band measured 55mm wide by 150mm in length and fits securely around the tip section of the rod.

Guru Rod Bands in use

Final Thoughts

The Guru Rod Bands are arguably the best rod bands specifically made for the match angler I have personally ever seen or used. The stretchy neoprene material offers a tensioned protection to your valuable rods whilst in transit, ensuring that none of the guides or blanks get damaged. If you take into consideration that a replacement guide will set you back anything from £30 to £50, at £6.99 per set, yo could end up saving yourself a small fortune on repairs.



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