Guru Super Tight Line Stops

Thu 05 March 15


First Look

Line stops have been used in both float and feeder tactics for some years now, with numerous different options available to you the anglers. One of the biggest issues with the majority currently available is, unless you are using larger breaking strain lines, they have an uncanny habit of moving, which is far from ideal in a match fishing situation. Taking this on board, the design tem at Essex based Guru have designed the new for 2015 Guru Supr Tight Line Stops, read on as the UKMA team take a first look.

Guru Super Tight Line Stops

Vital Statistics

These new for 2015 Multi-purpose, durable, black line stops are ideally suited to all feeder and float fishing situations. They feature a compact design that eliminates slip, even on lower diameter lines. There are three sizes in the range: small (5mm), medium (6mm) and large (7mm) and with a bit of testing whilst sorting your kit out, you can optimise each size to a designated rig or duty. The Super Tight Line stops will be hitting the shops around mid March and will cost you £1.99 per pack.


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