Gardner Tackle Glo Pro

Fri 09 January 15


Hitting the same spot every cast is one skill that all anglers need to master. To make life easier for us all, numerous manufacturers now supply various potions and gadgets to make distance marking a mush simpler task. One product to reach the UKMA office recently is the Glo Pro line marker from souther based Gardner Tackle, read on as the team take a first look at this very clever product.

Vital Statistics

‘Glo Pro’ is a luminous liquid specifically designed for line marking.It is available in 4 hi-viz colours that glow for 10 minutes after being charged with a UV torch or powerful LED head torch, which comes in real handy whilst fishing at night or in poor light conditions. So when you are re-casting at night, you have a instantly recognisable mark to clip up to, making pacing out and using distance sticks a very simple task.

Glo Pro at night

Key Features

As ‘Glo Pro’ is painted onto the mainline, it forms a low profile coloured mark, that doesn’t snag or snare on the rod guides during casting, and most importantly, it wont move even whilst playing a fish. The flexible texture of this material when dry means that it is easily removed with your fingernail and doesn’t mark or damage your mainline.

Instructions to use

Shake well before use.
Paint a thin layer of ‘Glo Pro’ onto a 30mm section of the mainline, marking the exact range to your baited spot or feature.
Allow the marker to touch dry. ‘Glo Pro’ only takes a few minutes to go off (solidify) sufficiently for use. Full cure time is approximately 10 minutes.
Cure time is prolonged if you apply a thicker layer.
Replace lid/application brush immediately after use.

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes, do not consume, use your common sense!

Final Thoughts

Although specifically designed as a line marker, the Glo Pro can also be used for marking rig depths on pole top kits. you can also use different colours to give instant recognition to depth variations, saving the match angler time by offering instant depth recognition. This very clever marking liquid can be adapted to many uses in angling but as a line marker it performs it;s duty perfectly. The Glo Pro is available individually in four hi-viz luminous colours: Orange, Green, Yellow, Pink and you should expect to pay £4.99 per bottle. There is also a Twin Pack available which also contains a UV Torch with either Green and Pink plus UV Torch, Orange and Yellow combinations available and these sell for £10.99 per twin pack.

Foot Note – You can buy the UV Torch separately and these sell for £3.99


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