Frenzee Stretch Hollow & Solid Elastic

Fri 05 June 15


Over the past few years Frenzee have built a huge following based on quality and versatility of products. There are now very few good quality tackle shops that don’t stock their ever growing range of products and accessories. One of their latest ranges of products to arrive in the UKMA ‘to review’ stack are the Stretch Hollow & Solid Elastic range, read on as we take a first look.

Vital Statistics – Solid Elastics Pure Latex

Frenzee Stretch Solid Pure Latex

Frenzee’s Stretch Solid Pure Latex is a high grade coloured latex that is described by Frenzee as ‘providing a smooth, forgiving fish-playing action, that is soft on the strike, whilst offer hold control when under duress’. These very smooth solid elastics are supplied on 6m spools in all sizes, giving you enough to elasticate up to 3 top kits per spool, which comes in handy as many of you have multiple top kits these days. No matter what the situation, or the target species, there’s a stretch Solid elastic to cover the job. The sizes available in the range are 3 (0.7 dia, yellow), 4 (0.8 dia, purple), 5 (0.9 dia, lime green), 6 (1.0 dia, mustard yellow), 8 (1.2 dia, red) & 10 1.4 dia, dark green).

The Stretch Solid Pure Latex sells for £3.49 per spool.

Vital Statistics – Stretch Hollow Elastic

Frenzee Stretch Hollow Elastic

Frenzee Stretch Hollow has over 700% stretch factor and is precision manufactured in small lots for assured quality and consistency of product. This production process ensures a soft, smooth running elastic that has been designed to offer maximum performance for longer periods, thus offering a classy fish playing action and lunge absorbing qualities that mean less hook pulls and more fish in your net!

The Stretch Hollow elastic sells for £9.99 per 3m spool


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