Frenzee Rod Sock Protectors

Wed 05 November 14


All serious match anglers now carry a selection of made up rods to save time when setting up, but this method of rod transportation does however have it’s disadvantages. Even though we carry the ready to use rods in hard or padded cased rod sleeves, at one time or another we have all damaged a rod whilst in transit, usually breaking the tip guide or quiver, which can be costly and very annoying.

Rod Sock Protectors

After taking on board how the carp and specialist angling fraternities best deal with this issue, Frenzee have now released the Rod Sock Protectors. These One Piece Tip section and Butt section protector, are designed to holds your rods securely whilst fully protection the most vulnerable areas of the rod that are prone to damage whilst being transported. The two neoprene socks fit snugly over the tip and butt sections with a Velcro tension wrap, securing them in place.

Tip and butt sock with Velcro fastenings

These two socks are held in position and fastened together by a long adjustable elasticated strap, that can be adjusted to store all two piece rods securely without over tensioning them. For added structure, you also has a Velcro fastened neoprene cuff to secure both sections securely together in the middle of the sections.

Mid section Neoprene Cuff

Final Thoughts

Frenzee have put quite a bit of thought into the new Rod Sock Protectors and after fitting them to our rods, the UKMA team are very happy with the level of protection they offer your valuable rods. They will fit all two piece rods from 8ft bomb rods (4ft broken down) right up to 12ft (6ft broken down) offering excellent protection in the tip and butt sections. For the reasonable price of £7.99 each you can secure and protect your rods whilst in transit, which in the opinion of the UKMA team is a small price to pay.


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