Frenzee PTFE Internal Bushes

Fri 07 March 14


With a reputation for top quality accessories that is growing all the time, welsh based tackle Company Frenzee are steadily making many a friend in match angling circles. Their range of products features many ingenious developments in the accessories market, and this is making many an angler and retailer take notice. Over the past few months the team at UKMA have been taking a really good look at the numerous products they have on offer to the match angler and the latest products that we’ve put under the microscope are the PTFE INTERNAL BUSHES, read on to find out what they have on offer your angling.

Frenzee PTFE Internal Bushes Range

Vital Statistics

These pure white PTFE Internal Bushes feature a newly designed chamfered bore that has proven whilst under development to reduce abrasion, increasing the life expectancy of your elastic giving your better performance and increased fish-playing ability. This has been made possible by paying attention to the internal and external edges, making them smoother which in turn allows your elastic to leave and return to the pole, which ultimately meaning less hook-pulls and more landed fish. Once fitted into your pole, they sit flush to the tip section outer wall, leaving a tangle free environment for you elastics to work from.

Frenzee PTFE Internal Bushes fitted

Final Thoughts

After cutting my tip sections back to the required internal dimensions to house these well finished PTFE Internl Bushes, the UKMA team found them to fit perfectly and most importantly securely. We checked the samples that were sent to us and all three sizes were spot on and fitted as snug as a bug. I’ve never personally been a great lover of the internal PTFE bush but after giving these latest offerings from Frenzee a go out on the bank, I can’t find fault in them. The PTFE Enternal Bushes are available in three sizes; these are Small (3.2mm), Medium (4.3 mm) and large (5.2mm) and they are available from all Frenzee stockist for £1.89 each.


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