Frenzee FXT Mini Bands

Wed 22 October 14


Frenzee FXT Mini Bands

Bait bands are part of modern day commercial fishery anglers essential accessories. Finding a brand that offers reliable strength and stretch can however be a bit of a mission. One option that has just hit the shops that on first impressions ticks all the right boxes are the FXT Mini Bands from Frenzee. These new bait bands have a hutral colour and measure approximately 3mm in size (1/8in), and totally latex free. They have massive usage potentials, as they can securely hold pellets from 4mm up to a massive 24mm. This stretch ability makes them ideal for pellet shallow on the pole, pellet waggler, feeder tactics on commercial fisheries, as well as presenting big pellets when fishing for chub and barbel on the rivers.

Mini Bands close up

On first impressions the FXT Mini Bands from Frenzee look like they tick all the right boxes, whe looking for a good quality pellet band. The Frenzee FXT Mini Bands are now available from your local stockist and they sell for £2.49 per pack.


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