Frenzee FXT Cargo Net

Mon 06 March 17


The match angler today takes enough kit to cover all eventualities and in most cases, you’ll need least 2 of everything, meaning a barrow is a must have piece of kit to transport all of this gear from the car or van, to your swim. With most of today’s popular barrows offering plenty of storage, we still manage to load the barrow well over its capacity, meaning the potential of kit falling off is definitely on the cards. Yes we’ve all got bungees but even these don’t help in many situations. One option that has recently arrived at UKMA HQ that is ideally suited to these situations is the new for 2017 Cargo Net from Frenzee, read on as we take a first look.

Frenzee Cargo Net

Vital Statistics

This 1m x 1m square elasticated net is designed to securely retain you equipment on a full loaded barrow. Along both sides of the net you have three attachment clips (plastic hooks) that securely attach to the barrow framework. Once you’ve fully loaded your barrow, simply place the net over the top of the load, and starting at one end, attach both side and work your way around the barrow until all six clips are securely attached.

Key Feature – The Frenzee Cargo Net can stretch to double its size, meaning it will secure even the largest of loads you will have to transport to your swim,

First Impression

Frenzee have come up trumps with the release of this very clever and very functional barrow/trolley accessory. Based on first impressions, this is one of those products that the majority of anglers will get some serious mileage out of based on the fact we all carry way too much kit. The Cargo Net is now available from all authorised Frenzee stockists and sells for £16.99.

Foot note – The UKMA team will be putting the Frenzee Cargo Net through its paces over the coming weeks, to see how it handles some proper work, so until them watch this space


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