Drennan Method Connectors

Tue 10 March 15


First Look

Material and technological advances has made it possible for tackle manufacturers to come up with numerous rig associated gadget, that have definably made a huge difference to modern day match angling, and in particular feeder fishing. There are numerous feeder links, swivels and attachments, that all serve a purpose but many still leave issues when it comes to changing hooklengths or the feeder itself. One of the many new terminal tackle accessories to land on the doorstep of the UKMA office recently specifically designed to eliminate these issues is the Drennan Method Connectors, read on as we take a first look at these very clever devices.

Drennan Method Connectors

Vital Statistics

These two component method connectors feature a removable outer sleeve and the internal component is basically an ‘S’ shaped unit that is designed for instant location of reel lines and hooklengths loops. These compact connectors measure in at 10mm in length x 2.5m diameter and have a natural light brown colouration.

Drennan Method Connector taken apart

They’ve been designed to go with the Drennan In-Line Flat Method Feeders and Pellet Feeders but they are also suitable for lots of other uses where a quick change connection is required. They provide an easy loop-to-loop, slim line join which locates neatly back inside the base of an in-line feeder.

The outer rubber sleeve semi locks into a central position securely. The internal moulding has a breaking strain of approximately 36lb (16kg), making it an incredibly strong ­connection option.

First Impressions

After having a close look at the Drennan Method Connectors the UKMA team were quite impressed by the simplicity of the design. Very easy to integrate into all feeder and bomb rigs, whilst also making the changing of in line feeders, leads and regular changing of hooklengths a very simple task, even for anglers with fingers like sausages. The Drennan Method Connectors are supplied in packs of six and you should expect to pay around £1.99 per pack from all leading Drennan stockists.


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/

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