Drennan Aqua F1 & Silverfish Bungee

Wed 08 July 15


Drennan Bungee elastic has been around for over 15 years now and is as popular today as it was back when it was first released. The UKMA team members have used it and it has never let us down over the years, so when we here’s that Drennan have now released a new options specifically designed for F1 and silver fish, we got on the phone to them and asked for a sample to have a look at, introducing the Drennan Aqua F1 & Silverfish Bungee.

Drennan Aqua F1 & Silverfish Bungee

Vital Statistics

The new for 2015 Aqua F1 & Silverfish Bungee is latest addition to the Drennan Bungee range. It is rated at 4–6, with an average diameter of 1.5mm, making it the perfect elastication solution when targeting silverfish such as roach, perch and bream on rivers, canals and drains, as well as small F1s on your local commercial fishery.. This highly visible aqua coloured hollow core pole elastic has greater stretch than traditional solid latex, so even if you hit into something big, the elastic should never lock up.

As with all other Bungee’s in the range, the Aqua F1 & Silverfish can be used with the very popular pull bungs and the Side Pull System. In each pack you also get a free Dacron Connector is also included, plus clear instructions on how to attach it. This simple rig connector helps to create a neat connection method that is favoured by most of the countries top anglers and thousands of open and club angler alike.

Free Dacron Connector

Top Tip – As well as the Dacron connector supplied, the Aqua Bungee can also be used effectively in conjunction with either the small Drennan Bungee Connector Beads and medium Pole Elastic Connectors.

Final Thoughts

The release of the new for 2015 Aqua F1 & Silverfish Bungee, sees a big gap in the Drennan Bungee range filled. This well packaged product will definitely find favour amongst anglers who fish a variety of venues when targeting smaller fish. This very versatile elastic rated 4-6 is more than capable of taming fish in access to 5lbs plus (we know because we’ve done it). The inlay card even has the correct way of connecting a Dacron Connector and your rig to the connect, so even the angler who is inexperienced in using this type of connector can get it right from the off. The Drennan Aqua F1 & Silverfish Bungee is now available form all leading Drennan Stockist and sells for £8.95 for a 3m spool.

Foot Note – For your reference, please find below a chart with all the Drennan Bungee range listed.

Drennan Bungee Range


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