Drennan AS3 Pole Rigs Silver & F1s Tested

Tue 24 February 15


With time for making pole rigs a commodity that many of us don’t have a great deal of, many of us now have to either rely on a hand tied service or buy ready tied rigs from one of the leading manufacturers. After having a look around at what was on offer, the UKMA team spoke to Drennan who sent us a selection of their AS3 Pole Rigs for us to field test. Read on as we put the AS3 Silver & F1 rigs through their paces on a bitterly cold February session.

Vital Statistics

Drennan AS3 Pole Rigs Silver & F1s

The AS3 Silver & F1 rigs have been designed in conjunction with 5 times world champion Alan Scotthorne,The UKMA spoke to Drennan’s media manager Jon Arthur, who told us “the AS3 (Silverfish & F1) Pole Rigs have been more than a year in development and individually hand tied in our own factories, so the quality is second to none! They have been constructed to Alan Scotthorne’s precise spe­cific­a­tions, right down to the shotting pat­terns” A very impressive statement indeed!

Drennan AS3 Pole Rigs Silver & F1s close up

Every attention to detail has been put into place on the design of these rigs. Each rig comes on a printed pole winder for instant recognition. All rigs in the AS3 Silver & F1 range are tied using Supplex line in appropriate diameters. They are com­pleted with a 15cm (6in) hook­length and corresponding Drennan hook. Each rig is 3.5 metres long, which will cover the vast majority of commercial fisheries and if they’re too long, they can be easily trimmed down if necessary for shallower venues.

Rig Specifications:

Packaging illustrating rig components

AS3 — Silverfish & F1s Float: AS3 Sizes: 0.3g, 0.4g and 0.5g Stem: Carbon Tip: 1.25mm hollow Rig length: 3.5m Main line: 0.15mm Supplex Hooklength: 15cm of 0.117mm Supplex Hook: Size 18 Drennan Silverfish Maggot Shotting: Bulk plus two No10 droppers

Float image

The Field Test

We took the AS3 Silver & F1 rigs to a natural mixed fishery on a very cold winters day, to use them in search of roach, skimmers and the odd small carp and tench if they decided to put in an appearance. After we’d plumbed up all three rigs to dead depth, we then put them back out to see how well they sat in the water. In our opinion, all three rigs were spot on and ready to use, with less than 40% of the floats bristle being visible once full settled.

All shot were added with the correct amount of tension to the line, making them very easy to re-locate without damaging the line. All the knots and loops used in production were strong and tidy, and to a very high standard. The spade end hooks were all attached in the correct manor, with the line sitting dead centre of the front face of the spade, with a tidy 3-4mm tag to prevent knot slippage if you hit into something bigger than expected.

AS3 Silver & F1 rigs field test catch shot

Final Thoughts

After fishing with each rig in turn alternating from rig to rig over a 3 hours period, the UKMA team can without question advise all potential purchasers of these rigs that they performed perfectly, in fact we don’t think we could tie them better ourselves. In tap clear water conditions we amassed a 15lbs bag of mixed silvers up to a pound plus, landing every fish with total confidence that the rig was more than up to the job. At just £3.65 per rig, you get a perfectly made pole rig, that is fully labelled for instant recognition and when in use, they perform as good as any rig that the majority of the UKMA team have tied themselves, a great way of saving time if it’s the only commodity you don’t have!


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