Daiwa Yellow Hydrolastic

Fri 24 January 14


Daiwa Yllow Hydrolastic

Hydrolastic has been around for many years now and is a popular today as it has ever been. This ever growing range of pole elastics now caters to the needs of all pole anglers, no mater what sizes or species of fish they are targeting, Hydrolastic has an option that will have you’re needs totally covered. Noticing a definite gap in the market for a lightweight, yet reliable hollow elastic designed specifically for all those anglers who regularly targets weights of silver fish on natural and commercial venues, Daiwa have now released the Yellow Hydrolastic. This latest addition to the range is rated at 3 -5, which is ideal for use with rigs that feature 0.6 hook lengths and size 26 hooks, when presenting pinkie and squat hook baits on rivers, drains, canals and commercial fisheries. This will also find favour amongst anglers targeting small pasties and F1’s up to 10oz on light gear.

Daiwa Yellow Hydrolastic

Having been user of Hydrolastic for nearly 15 years, the inclusion of this latest option has been a long time coming and greatly received by the UKMA team. The YELLOW is already making many friends amongst the river, drain and canal angling fraternities and I have personally seen many commercial fishery anglers using it in conjunction with pulla bungs and light rigs to catch fish in bitterly cold conditions, where scaling down your rigs is essential when having to scratch for every bite, even from silver fish. As with all the other members of the Hydrolastic family, the YELLOW features the standard high-performance liquid on the internal to prevent hollow outer collapsing to increase the all round performance of the elastic. It is now available from all Daiwa stockists and sells for £14.99 per pack. As per usual, the UKMA team will be taking out on the bank over the next few weeks to put it well and truly through its paces, so until then watch this space!


Visit the Website: http://www.daiwasports.co.uk/