Bank Bug Advanced Luxury Towel

Fri 10 January 14


No matter what style of fishing you do, one must have piece of kit we all carry is a decent hand towel. Most of us have at one time or another had our head bitten off by the misses for permanently borrowing her T towels, so to save the never ending grief here’s something well worth considering. Hertfordshire based Bank Bug has release the Advanced Luxury Towel, the solution to preventing that relentless moaning sound we’ve all had to tolerate.

Advanced Luxury Towel 1

This well made towel measures in at ample 620mm x 420mm and features a durable, soft, deep pile that is very absorbent and finished off with a Herringbone style border to prevent fraying of the edges. It is ideally suited for cleaning your hands after baiting up, drying pole sections, rods and accessories before packing away and obviously drying after handling fish.

Key Feature

The Stand out feature on the ADVANCED LUXURY HAND TOWEL that really caught our attention was the inclusion of a hanging loop that has been machined underneath the boarder. This enables you to hang the towel off your seat box leg or tension poles on your bivi to prevent it being blown away on windy days, as well as speeding up the drying process after use.

Advanced Luxury Towel

Final Thoughts

This hand towel offering from BANK BUG is full machine washable and dries exceptionally quick considering how thick the pile is. It features the BANK BUG logo embroidered in white and gold and is finished in a rich black colour which stays in the towel, even when using it for the first time, not colour came out even when used wet. After being machine wash at 40 degrees, none of the colour was lost and as a total bonus it never shrank, which is the normal scenario with many fishing towels. You can pick up an ADVANCED LUXURY HAND TOWEL from all BANK BUG stockist or direct from the company website for £12.99.


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