Team UKMA Profile Rich Adams

Sun 24 August 14





My first memories of fishing were way back in the 70’s when I can remember my Dad sorting out his cane rods and centre pins ready for an overnight session on the fens in search of eels. How I used to pester him to take me with him, I never did go on one of those trips but did eventually start going with him to local canals and gravel pits at the tender age of five. We caught all kinds of species and my knowledge of angling grew as did I and by the age of thirteen I had spread my wings and was fishing for the local junior angling club, a good way of travelling further a field on the many matches they arranged. I believe these early experiences have made me the angler I am today.

I believe it is important to fish for different species and over the years I have accumulated a creditable list of personal bests however I always seem to be lured back to fishing for my favourite species, carp. During the 80’s I worked in my local tackle shop and under the guidance of its owner my obsession with carp began. Together, with some select friends we targeted numerous un-fished pits throughout the Nene Valley with relative success. During this time I caught my first twenty, this was a big fish in the 1980’s! I was also fortunate during this period to meet some very good anglers/friends along the way.

21 years later I am still fishing for carp and have caught a large number of decent fish both in England and abroad including countless twenties and numerous thirties up to a personal best of 46lb. I am also very fortunate and proud to say that I am a sponsored consultant for both Mistral Baits and Gardner Tackle (respectively) providing articles and a running diary for both of their websites as well as video pieces. I also feature in magazines where I have written articles and answer readers’ questions on a regular basis. I currently fish a well-maintained, non-profit making syndicate with a good head of big carp and still like to fish in France once a year if possible. Due to work and family commitments my rod hours are limited but I still seem to maintain a reasonable catch rate.

I am also really happy to have recently become involved with uk match angler/carp and I am looking forward to writing articles, reviews on the latest tackle and appearing in regular features on their website. I hope to meet you on the bank in the future, until then happy angling and tight lines!!!!!!!