Cromwell Lake Spring summer series 2015 Round two

Sat 04 April 15


As we arrived at Cromwell lake for round two of the Spring Summer series 2015. We were greeted by a steady northerly breeze, and an overcast sky. The temperature was slightly up on the previous week but the water temperature was still very cold for the time of year.

The Draw & Tactics

Peg 11

At 12.00 we drew our pegs and peg 11 was going to be my office for the day. This is a noted feeder peg, with only a 25 yard chuck to the islands marginal vegetation. The two main areas of interest are the cut back rushes to the left of the swim at 11 O-clock and a the weed bay to the right at 1 O-clock. Yes you can catch in open water on the pole line but I really fancied my chances tight to the island.

Rigs and Baits

my plan was to attach my left hand swim with a straight lead rig, with an eight inch hooklength, with bread discs on the hair, as the fish were still backing away from feed. My lead selection was the Guru X-Safe in-line lead in 1.5oz to enable me to keep my casting tight to my mark, whilst offering a fish safe option as the potential of getting a hooked fish buried in the dense rushes around the island is always on the cards.

Guru X-Safe in-line lead with hair rigged bread discs

My right hand line was an out and out method feeder attack with boilies or dead maggot on the hook, with a small method feeder loaded with micro pellets, dusted with dry paste mix for added binding and to increase the breakdown time, as I knew I would be waiting for my bites. To increase the attraction of the method ball, I squirted a small amount of Squid Supreme Goo from Korda, which has proven to be a very successful addition to my method fishing.

Method feeder loaded with micro pellets with a sqirt of Goo for added attraction

The Match

The first hour was a slow affair for me, with plenty of line bites but no positive indications for my efforts. I recast every 5 minutes, alternating between to the two lines, keeping everything tidy but the fish were moving around up in the water as the sky was now cloudless and the sun was warming the upper layer of the water.

After two hours of nothing but line bites he angler to my right was catching steadily on the method, with dead red maggots on the hook. So I followed his lead but he was intercepting the fish before they reached my baited areas. Then he decided to give his pole line a chance and as if by magic, my tip flew round and I landed a stunning silver grey common of around 9lbs.

Over the next two hours, whilst the angler to the right stuck with the pole line with no reward, I took two bream and a small stocky but as soon as the angler to my right put his feeder back out, my swim was yet again non productive, with the return of line bites. The last hour produced nothing else for me, no matter what I tried, but to my right another two good fish fell to his method tactics.

Final Whistle

It was yet again one of those days in the office that no matter what you do, the fish were simply not playing ball. I took two fish off of both line, showing that my tactics were pretty much spot on but with the angler to my right taking advantage of a far better feeder peg, my options were limited. did I do the right thing by not fishing the pole? well the answer was yes, as I virtually double the wait of the anglers on my side of the lake who stuck it out on the pole. I finished the match in 7th place with just over 18lbs, so good points but no financial reward for my efforts.

Tight Lines

Ray Best