Cromwell Lake Spring summer series 2015 Round three

Mon 06 April 15


On what started out as a warm spring day with clear blue skies. We arrived at Cromwell lake for round three of the spring summer series to be greeted by overcast conditions with a variable northerly wind. Which was far from perfect conditions but as this had been the weather for the past three days, I was hoping for a decent draw to hopefully get me in the money and good points.

The draw & Tactics

As per usual the draw took place at 12.00 hrs., and to my delight I drew peg 9, arguably the best feeder peg on the lake. This peg has over the past few weeks, consistently produced over 30lbs and had framed in both round one and round two, so my expectations were high for the day.

Peg No.9

My chosen tactics would be an out and out method approach, alternating between the left and right hand side of the rushes, tight to the far bank rushes. The right hand side of the rushes always produces fish, so if this line dried up during the match, I was hoping to catch a few on the second line, to give my main catch area a rest as and when required.

My Right hand swim on peg 9

On the right hand spot, I fished the new Bag’em Matchbaits 2mm Red Aggressor pellets, soaked for 4 minutes and drained off. Once drained, I added the new Bag’em Commercial Paste Natural sprinkled over the wet pellets to work as additional binding to the mix. This produced a slow breakdown method ball, that enabled me to wait for bites for longer if required. My chosen hookbait for this line were the Sonubaits Oosing boilies, with a boost of the Korda Squid Supreme Goo.

My left hand swim on peg 9

My plan of attack on the left hand side on the rushes was the same method mix but with dead red maggot on the hook. I chose maggot for this line to keep my presentation as different and natural as possible from my main feed area. So everything was ready, rods clipped up to the spots, method feeders loaded, it was now time for a pre match ciggy and wait for the all in.

The Match

The first two hours of the match was slow to say the least, with nothing to show for my efforts apart from several strong line bites but this seemed to be the trend for most up to this point. So I then began to alternate between my two lines, casting every five minutes to try and temp the fish that were obviously just passing by and following the now warm wind.

Things were slow to say the least

With two hours to go, just like buses, I had two double figure commons from the right hand spot but as soon as the fish arrived, they disappeared just as quick. So I then switched over to the left hand spot and yet again two good commons straight away and them nothing, I couldn’t figure this out at all. In the last 45 minute I managed to pull out of two proper fish, losing both in the bed of rushes and I knew I was going to pay for that at the final whistle.

Final Whistle

Dead on 18.00 hrs. the all out was called and I knew I’d done better than anyone else on my side of the lake but I had heard about four other anglers all doing well, with three of them coming from the noted river end of the lake, I was going to struggle to frame. I weighed in a tidy 35lbs 6ozs which ended up being enough to give me third place on the day, just beating the fancied pegs 23 & 23A by ounces!

All in all I was happy with my result, good league points and enough prize money to keep the misses happy, so not too bad a day after all.

Tight Lines

Ray Best