Cromwell Lake Spring summer series 2015 Round thirteen

Sat 06 June 15


After a diabolical blank from peg 5 last week in round twelve of the Spring/summer series 2015. It was nice to return this week with the fish no long in spawning mode and back on the feed. with a strong south westerly winds blowing into the car park end of the lake, I was delighted when I pulled peg 9 out of the bag, arguably the best feeder peg on the lake.

Peg 9, the best feeder peg on Cromwell lake

Knowing the swim very well, my tactics were going to be straight forward. Directly in front of me is a large area of bull rushes, which are well known for holding fish, so I clipped up tight to the barley sack to the right of the rushes and fortunately, this was the ideal distance for fishing to the last rushes to the left of the swim.

Left hand spot at 35 yrds
Right hand spot also at 35yards

Tactics, tackle & Baits

I set up two rods to deal with the conditions, my first rod had a Daiwa TDR4012A reel, loaded with Drennan 8lbs Feeder & Method Mono. Attached at the business end was a medium sized snap swivel to connect the method feeder too, with a twisted section of doubled up reel line to act a a shock absorber and also add additional abrasion resistance as any fish I connect with would be heading straight into the bull rushes. The second rod was an identical set up but this was loaded with a Guru X-Safe 1.5oz lead system just n case the fish backed off the method feeder. Both set ups incorporated the Guru 4’‘ Method Hair rigs, with Speed stop attachment on the straight lead and bayonet attachment on the method feeders.

Loaded Method feeder

My method mix contained a 50/50 mix of Bag’em Matchbaits 2mm standard carp pellets and the superb 2mm Red Aggressor Feed Pellets. I soaked these in water for four minutes and drained them off, after five minutes I dust the pellets with paste powder, just to hold everything together and increase the breakdown time by around a minute, as you can have to wait for your bites on this demanding fishery.

Method mix

The Match

My first hour was a disaster, I had 9 takes and lost 7 in the bull rushes and with the angler to my left landing 6 fish during the period, I knew I was going to have to get my act together quickly or waste the chance of taking at least second place and good league points. After sorting out a few technical issues, the second and third hour produced 6 good lumps up to 9lbs and another lost fish, which put me back on track.

The final two hours were hard to say the least, producing only liners and with the angler on peg 11 now catching on the pole I needed something big to catch him up. With twenty minutes to go, my tip hammered round and after a hard battle getting the fish out of the bull rushes and in to open water, I eventually landed a 10lb plus mirror but with nothing else to coming to the net, at the final whistle, I knew it was going to be close between three of us for top spot.

Final Whistle

The scales made there way around the lake and a few anglers had found the strong winds a major issue but still managed to take over 20lbs plus from un-fancied pegs. As predicted, the angler on peg 23 had put together a steady 42lbs plus which put him in the lead comfortably. Then the scales arrived at peg 11, Ricky Ashwell weighed in 53lbs 3ozs and to be honest, I thought I had no where near that. The scales finally arrived and I weighed in nine fish which gave me 54lbs 1oz and top spot, job done!

Part of my 54lbs 1oz catch

Tight Lines

Ray Best


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