Cromwell Lake Spring summer series 2015 round ten

Sat 16 May 15


A strong south westerly wind greeted me on arriving at the lake for round ten of the Spring Summer series 2015. With fish showing all over the lake, anticipation was high for another busy day for the weighing team but how wrong we all were.

The office for the day

at 12.00 noon, the draw took place and to my total horror, I drew peg 1 for the third time this series. This feature lined swim is right next to the car park and will all the commotion of the anglers turning up and walking around the area,, this has proven to make the going very hit or miss from this very erratic peg.

knowing this peg now like the back of my hand, I opted to fish the method tight over to the far bank at 20m in a small bay in the dense rushes. To my left I had a noted margin feature, with lilly pads and rushes at 8m. To my right, I had clump of rushes roughly 1.5m away from the steel sheets that line the edge of the lake.

far margin method, left & right pole lines

The Match

I started off by casting a method feeder to my far bank spot to establish exactly what if anything was in the swim. After two casts and no indications of the tip, I then tried my left hand margin swim at 8m. I placed my rig with a 6m expander pellet on the hook tight to the lilly pads and fed 5 4mm pellets with a pole pot.

rig in position on my left hand swim

after 2 minutes my float buried and a big fish flew into the lilly pads as I put on a much pressure as I could with my red Hydrolastic. I eventually got the fish free from the snag and out into open water and cautiously played the fish towards the net. It came to the surface and as I slid the net under it, my hook pulled and my rig flew into the small tree to my right.

Over the next 2 hours, I managed to land a 4lb mirror and lost three other big fish, having my 0.19 rig smashed on each occasion as these wise big fish know exactly how to ruin your day. So I fed the line with a cup of mixed micro and 4mm carp pellets and rested it for a while. I then tried my left hand line and my float instantly buried and I was amazed to see a half ounce roach on my hook.

I kept on trying my method line but due to the amount of floating debris drifting into my end of the lake, in the last two hours I was only able to cast to my spot twice and on each occasion this produced an instant take producing a small stock fish of just under a pound and another 4lbs fish. The last hour produced nothing but a sun tan and great banter from the anglers around me.

I finished the match with just under 9lbs which was a poor show but with only a few anglers catching over 30lbs, it was a very hard day for many others as well. Yes if I had landed the four lumps I might have even framed but unless they’re in the net they don’t count, so I’ll have to take this one on the chin and hope for a better draw next week.

Tight Lines

Ray Best