Cromwell Lake Spring summer series 2015 Round sixteen

Sat 27 June 15


After missing round fifteen of the spring summer series, as I was looking after my wife after minor surgery the day before. My expectations were high for a good days sport as the carp had finally stopped spawning. I arrived at the venue and the car told me it was 25 degrees and with very little wind, my anticipation soon diminished. As I looked at a lake covered in fish basking in the sun, knowing the venue well, I knew things weren’t going to be easy.

The office for the day, peg 34

We drew at 12.00 midday and with the car park end of the lake looking like a stock pond, with fish everywhere, I fancied a high or low number. Luck would have it that my Braille classes had done their trick again, and I drew peg 34, a short walk and full of fish, what more could I ask for!


As it was my first visit to the swim this series, I played it safe and fished as many others had in previous matches. I had my main line tight to the back of the left hand lily bed in 36 inches of water, as this had produced numerous fish in previous matches for many anglers. My second line was tight to a large clump of rushes at 11m, tight to the island in 18 inches of water, simply because the area was covered in fish.

Left - lily line & island swims Right - Right hand margin

My third line and if needed get out of jail line was at 9m, in the margin to my right, tight to a blank platform in 36 inches of water. This line has been known to through up some really big fish, so if all else failed I could sit it out for a few big lumps. So with my lines sorted, I prepared my gear accordingly to make my session as comfortable as possible, on what was a sweltering day.


As I was fishing tight to snags on all three lines, my terminal gear had to be up for the job in hand, so I selected my rigs very carefully. My chosen lily and margin rigs featured a 0.3g MW Floats Dinky D, mounted on 0.19 Guru N-Gauge rig line. My chosen pattern of hook was the Guru X-Strong spades in size 14. My island rig was identical in every way except for my float selection. On this rig I used a 0.2g Hillbilly AK Mini margins short, as this pattern are very short and stable, which would be needed as the water was so shallow near the island.

Top float - AK Mini margins short & the bottom float is a MW Dinky D


My bait selection was pretty basic, with a selection of pellets, meat and corn for the hook. This included natural yellow, red strawberry and the superb Red Aggressor corn from Bag’em Matchbaits. My feed pellets for the session were a combination of Bag’em red Aggressor and Super Natural 2mm carp pellets, with 4mm Red Aggressors to add extra attraction. I also had a selection of meat, with 6mm cubes of standard Plumrose luncheon meat, with a variable size selection of punched meat,that has been pre-coloured with mild curry powder for flavour and colour attraction. Add to this a selection of prepared pellets.

My bait table

The Match

At the all in, I sparingly fed all three lines, just to see if the fish would settle over feed, take a break from sunbathing in the ever rising heat and get their heads down on my spots. I fed 6 – 8 grains of corn, a big pinch of 4mm pellets, 8 – 10 cubes of punched meat and roughly half a pole cup of mixed micro’s, which I was then shipped out to each spot.

The feed to kick start all lines

As it was the first line I had fed, I went out to my left hand lily swim with single corn on the hook. after a 20 minute wait, my float buried and I was into a good fish. The only problem was, it had dived into the middle of the lily’s and snagged me good and proper. After a big tussle trying to release my rig from the lily pads, I fed the swim again and left it alone,

After spending nearly an hour, rotating between my right hand margin and the island rushes with no success, well apart from the odd fish banging into my float as they took in the warm summer heat on the surface in the margins. So I went back over my lily pad line again and instantly had a bite, which produced a stock fish of around 10ozs, well I’d save a blank on a day when nothing was happening for anyone competing.

Over the remaining 3 & a half hours, I managed to land another 6 small fish and 1 decent carp of around 5lbs. At the weigh in, my very hard earned 11lbs 4ozs gave me 4th spot on the day and with the top angler weighing in only 19lbs 15.5ozs, this was testament to how badly the conditions had effected the sport on the day. Still another 17 points in the bag ensuring my place n the final in 2 weeks time.

Tight Lines

Ray Best


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