Cromwell Lake Spring summer series 2015 Round six

Sat 25 April 15


After missing round five with a back problem, I decided to strap myself up and have a go on what turned out to be a half decent day weather-wise but how wrong I was. I arrived at the car park and there was a gentle south south westerly blowing up the lake, with broken cloud and the temperature around 16 degrees, and fish topping in most of the swims. Then as the draw was called, the wind picked up dramatically, typical!

The draw

Peg five, my office for the day

My brail classes have been of little use this year, as yet again a drew a choice of pegs 3,4 or 5, yet a another non productive area of the lake for me, I wasn’t best pleased. So as the majority of fish were being caught from peg 8 down on the railway side of the lake, I opted to fish peg 5. This peg has two main features, a narrow channel with a small bridge at 15m to my right and marginal vegetation at 14m next to the island to my left.

Right hand feature
left hand feature

Tactics for the session

After trying to fish the pole at 14m and plum up, I soon realised that my back wasn’t up to the job as the first 30 mph gust of wind hit my pole, my instant reaction was to pack it away and opt to fish the method, which turned out to be a good move. I fished a small 30g Guru X-Safe Method Feeder, with a 4 inch pre-tied bayonet hooklength, also from Guru. My feed for the method was the 2mm Red Aggressor Carp Pellets from Bag’em Matchbaits, dusted with the new Pro Competition Natural pate for added binding.

The Match

I cast to the left hand feature to see if anything was in the swim, after just 30 seconds, my quiver tip clearly registered my first line bite, and so it continued for the first 30 minutes. As soon as I cast to the small hole in the rushes, my tip would bounce around showing fish were present but not in the mood for a munch. After 30 minutes, the wind picked up and the skies cleared, I continued keeping my small method feeder going in with minimal feed and just before the first hour ended, my tip hammered round and I was in to a small stock carp which weighed roughly 3lbs.

Over the next 4 hours, the trend of liners and the occasional fish continued to put a bend in my rod. I put 4 stock carp, 3 bream and a good tench in my net by the final whistle, which from a non noted peg was very pleasing, considering no other angler had managed a weight close to mine in the previous rounds from the swim.

Final Whistle

I ended the match with 34lbs 10ozs for fourth over all being just one fish from getting in the frame, with third putting 36lbs plus on the scales. Two lost fish cost me a second place on the day but if it’s not in the net it don’t count! All in all I think sitting on the feeder and being patient worked out very well, earning me good league points and a small pick up for fourth, job done!!