Cromwell Lake Spring Summer Series 2015 Round nine

Sun 10 May 15


After a two match break, being nurse to my very ill wife, I returned to normal service and headed off to enjoy a days sport at Cromwell lake. After missing the most productive match of the series on Bank Holiday Monday, I was hoping to get amongst a few fish but as per usual, Mother Nature threw few spanners in the works to make the day a hard but eventually rewarding one.

My office for the day, peg 12

At 12.00 midday, I drew peg No.12, this peg offers great sport by fishing the feeder to the island, as tight to the rushes as you can get. I opted to have two lines on the method, to the left of the bridged channel is a deep bay in the rushes, so I clipped up and and marked my reel line.

method swim to the left
Method spot to the right of the island channel

I then cast out to the right hand side of the island channel directly in front of me, to another cut back in the rushes. As luck would have it, the distances to the two spots was inches in difference so I clipped up to the line marker and my method rod was ready for action.

With the wind swirling and gusting hard, I opted to fish the pole at 9m. Normally I would fish at at least 13m on this swim but with the wind going to play havoc with any pole presentation, I chose the short option to give me any chance of a static presentation.

Bait and feeding

On the bait table I had, casters, maggots, corn, a selection of expanders and my usual 50/50 mix of Bag’em Pro Competition Super Natural Carp pellets 2mm and the Red Aggressor Carp pellets 2mm. once soaked for 4 minutes I drained them off and dusted the mix with Bag’em Natural Commercial Carp Paste mix for added binding and to slow down the breakdown time of the mix. I would also be using the same mix as a bed of feed on the pole line.

My bait table for the match

The Match

Dead on 13.00 the all in was shouted and I cast a loaded method feeder to my left hand target area. I placed the rod on the rest and before my line had sunk, my tip flew round and after a few hairy moments in the rushes, I eventually landed a 7lbs plus grey common, 3 minutes in and I’m off the mark!

After alternating between my two method lines, after another 12 minutes had passed my tip flew round again and this time it was a very pale, tench of around 6lbs. I then put another cup full of pellets, with a few maggots, casters and some chopped corn, with a drizzle of Mainline Baits Fosoil thoroughly mixed in for added attraction.

The fish on Cromwell let you know they're about.

The next two hours were hard going , with only a small roach and a skimmer on the pole line and not even a line bit on the feeder. So i put in another cup of feed on the pole line and went straight out on it after seeing a lot of bubbles breaking the surface with in seconds of cupping in. After less than aminute, my float buried and a my purple Hydrolastic shot across the lake and after a very hard 5 minute battle a double figure mirror of around 12lbs slid into my net.

With an hour to go, I noticed sighs of fish on my right hand method line. So after loosing two good fish on the pole, I opted to stick it out on the method for the last 45 minutes and fortunately it paid off. I took two good commons over 7lbs a piece and with just minutes to go, I lost an absolute huge fish in the rushes (not impressed in the slightest!).

Part of my 38lbs 11ozs weight

As I knew three other anglers had done reasonably well, It was down to the weigh in to see if I’d made the frame on what was an exceptionally hard days work. With half of the field already weighed in and he top weight being 30lbs 10ozs, I was confident I would finish in the top 3, and after weighing in 38lbs 11ozs, with four more anglers to weigh, I fancied my chances of a top three.

The angler on peg 14 weighed in 30lbs 8ozs, but I knew I had my card marked by Vinny Easey on fancied peg 25. I’d seen him land a few big fish and anglers around him also talked of 50lbs plus. The scales reached his swim and he weighed in 38lbs 11ozs. Joint first from a peg that had produced poorly the week before, I was well happy with that.

Tight Lines

Ray Best